Ansar Dine Rapes Timbuktu

UNESCO is concerned about Ansar Dine’s actions in Timbuktu, home to an ancient Islamic heritage that is now threatened by the radical group. 

This comes after the MNLA and Ansar Dine began outright fighting in the north.

The situation is a mess of competing factions and failed states. Ansar Dine is full of extremely conservative militants and that MNLA appears to be distancing themselves from them.

Jeremy Keenan, an expert in this part of the world, says that the MNLA is militarily much more significant than the Ansar Dine forces. One has to wonder if that’s still the case, and if so, whether the government of Mali would benefit from turning the two organizations fully against each other. There certainly won’t be any peace should the sacking of Timbuktu’s ancient relics continue. 

It will be a hot summer in Mali. 


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